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1# Copymyorders.com is just a tool that helps both professional crypto traders and copying investors as both defined below to link their Binance exchange wallets together, for the purpose of copying professional trader's orders as defined herein and in Binance's website into the copiers Binance crypto spot wallets in an automated tool

2#copymyorders.com is just a tool only with no promises nor guarantees of any kind for winning nor loss

3#Any gains or losses are a result of professional/master traders actions that copymyorders.com has no control on and not responsible for

#4 We don't suggest nor recommend nor force you to choose which master/professional trader to link to or follow

#5 We all everyone to register and get listed as a professional trader or as a investing copier on their own decision, before adding an API key and secret to your account, you acknowledge and confirm that you switched and will always switch off the withdrawal permissive flag as defined on Binance and/or any other exchange that we might support.

#6 copymyorders.com is not responsible nor liable for any loss of money/currency/digital currency/crypto currency or any of its equivalents that might affect you of any kind what so ever.

#7 Our definition for a professional/master trader is just a naming convention to distinguish our registered accounts types only, and we don't suggest that such individual or entity is better in trading crypto currency in any sense it is just an account type and all the information posted or published under our traders section are provided by the traders them self, since we don't validate any of them, so it is your responsibility to decide which one to link to / follow.

#8 We will not share your contacts with anyone except to the master/professional/ copier account that you will be linking or linked to/from.

#9 We will be sending you an automated emails and messages with content that is related to your account only.

#10 We will never contact you with any method disclosing any passwords nor keys,….etc.

#11 We will never contact you by Telephone.

#12 We don't have any representatives and our only email you can send to is support@copymyorders.com.

#12 By checking the herein registrations form box you agree and understands all the above and accept it as is and all its future updates as they will be only listed here and you acknowledge to check them frequently.